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HYD believes in doing big and in the last five years’ journey and ensures victory in every aspect of the Model UN conference in South Asia. HYD has successfully hosted 19+ Model UN conferences, collaborating with 80+ institutions, which directly serves more than 9000+ students around the world.


It was the first edition of the most unique simulation of UN Conference in Asia, with different special committees dedicated to the participation of schools, colleges, and universities. this conference held in early 2016 at the capital of Bangladesh Dhaka. it was the gathering of 400 students from various institutions across the country. The program also graced by Musa Ibrahim (first Bangladeshi to claim to reach the summit of Mount Everest), Ayman Sadiq (a passionate educator and founder of the 10 Minute School), etc.


The first country-wise edition of Sustainable Development Goals Model United Nations held in Nepal SDG MUN Nepal 2016, hosted Saurya International School and College, Kathmandu from 10 – 13 Nov 2016. More than 300 students across Nepal participate in this conference as well as a delegate from five different countries was also present there. It has been graced By Gauri Shankar Chaudhury, Honorable Minister, Ministry of Agricultural Development, Nepal, .Mr. Barequl Islam, Head of Chancery, Bangladesh Embassy Nepal was present in this conference as a special guest.


After several successful events organized by House of Youth Dialogue, ASAUBMUN’16 ( ASA University Bangladesh Model United Nations 2016). it was held on the main campus of ASA university in dhaka, Bangladesh. More than 300 students participated in that conference. it has added another milestone to the profile of HYD. Honorable Minister, Ministry of Railways Mr. MD Mojibul Haque, inaugurated the conference as chief guest while Mrs. Fazilatunnisa Bappy, Member of Parliament, Bangladesh spoke as the guest of honor. 

Rajuk Nature MUN 2016

Rajuk Nature Model UN 2016 was a vibrant conference that has become the new epitome of MUN in Bangladesh. This event took place at Rajuk Uttara Model College, Dhaka. Bangladesh. Only students from Rajuk college can participate in this conference. This conference theme was related to environmental pollution and saving this planet so that conference also named Nature MUN. The chief guest Mahfuzur Rahman, Chairman of ATN Bangla, distributed the awards among the award winners in this conference. More than 300 delegates from this college took part in this 3 days UN simulation.


LORDMUN 2: Fiction Conclave was hosted at the Independent University of Bangladesh, one of the prestigious universities in Dhaka. The conference attracted 250 national delegates and 20 international delegates from 38 schools and universities. The unique structure of this conference was that the door of participating in this conference is open fo the students from fifth-grade. This conferenced is mostly popular among the kids especially. Honorable chief guest, Dr. Emanur Rahman, former minister and member of the Bangladesh Parliament shared his words of wisdom during the opening ceremony of this conference.


This is an annual three days residential conference offered by HYD. SDGMUN Global 2017 was hosted in the Best Western Heritage Hotel at Cox’s Bazar, Chattogram, Bangladesh. The shore of the magnanimous eye-catching seashore offered the opportunity to 300 students to sit together under different agendas to draft a solution to the 5 major crises present around. this residential conference gives unique opportunity to learn about emergency crisis sessions and 24/7 committee sessions etc. As its a residential conference, it brings lifetime  memory for the students who participate in this conference.

“You don’t have to get angry or bitter at the people who don’t believe in your dream; you just have to surprise them with a massive success story. Have you forgotten that you were born to win?” ― Edmond Mbiaka

HYD MUN 2017

House of Youth Dialogue Model United Nations, shortly known as HYDMUN, is a signature Model UN conference of HYD, with a vision to take a monumental step in the revolution of the MUN circuit in Bangladesh. The first edition was held in Dhaka, from the 7th to the 9th of September, 2017, in Army Golf Garden, Dhaka, Bangladesh. More than 600 students participate in this conference. This conference was supported by USAID Bangladesh and UNIC Bangladesh. this was one of the finest conferences in model UN history of Bangladesh. the closing ceremony of the conference was held in the North-South university, Dhaka. Bangladesh in a partnership with the school of business and economics of that university.


SDG MUN Nepal is the annual version of the HYD conference Nepal. About 350 students from Nepal, Bangladesh, India, thiland, and malaysia attended the 2nd edition of SDGMUN Nepal in 2017. The event took place in the Reliance International School. kathmundhu, Nepal. This was one of the biggest international quality conferences in Nepal. HYD offers a scholarship for the underprivileged student for a rural and remote area of the country. During three days the conference delegate showed their capability of leadership, negotiation, and knowledge on international politics and foreign policies.SDGMUN Nepal 2017 was another grand success from the feet of the Himalayas in Nepal.


SDG MUN India 2018 is one of the most successful footprints of HYD in India. This conference is held in Delhi, India with a partnership with I.T.S College Ghaziabad. It was a gathering of 300 students around different states of the country as well as from five different countries. it was one of the competitive MUN based on delegate quality in this confernce. This time HYD is also collebarate with FICE, a very well renowned organization in India working towards change that will make a difference in the society.to give the participants a one-of-a-kind experience. The program also graced by the Gopal jee (youngest scientists of india) as well as many scholars and local politicians of Delhi.


it was the second edition of the ASA university Model United Nations Conference. The theme of ASAUBMUN’18 is “Enhancing awareness of fostering protection towards violence against women” keeping in mind that the dedication of youth can indeed bring a global change in the future. More than 300 students across the county participate in this conference. 15 students awarded under five committees here. Through this event, HYD once again wants to raise awareness among the young students of Bangladesh and inspire them to take a role in creating a better future.


This year LORD MUN host At SOS Hermann Gmeiner College, Dhaka, Bangladesh. there were 300 students as a delegate and students come from not only Dhaka and other areas of Bangladesh. LORM MUN is another signature unique MUN of HYD. this conference brings the complicated MUN structure in the easiest way to the student of fiction lovers. Here they get the opportunity to talk about their favorite superhero from Marvel DC or Magical solution from Harry Potter. , Delegates also include Nepal, India, Japan, and Somalia. this conference also finished by different games sessions in the evening including night football matches.


This is an annual residential conference of HYD. this year it also held on the Best Western Heritage Hotel, Cox’s Bazar. Bangladesh. this is the second edition of the SDG MUN GLOBAL flagship of SDG MUN family. It attracted 400 students. The students enjoyed various activities along with the practice of diplomacy, international relations, United Nations policy, Assembly simulation and much more. One of the notable recreational activities was swimming lessons. Moreover, this was the first conference to have a continuous committee for the UN Security Council. it also offers a scholarship for international delegates around the world.

Ultimately, leadership is not about glorious crowning acts. It’s about keeping your team focused on a goal and motivated to do their best to achieve it, especially when the stakes are high and the consequences matter. It is about laying the groundwork for others’ success, and then standing back and letting them shine. – Chris Hadfield

SDG MUN GLobal 2019

Sustainable Development Goals Model United Nations – Global Edition, popularly known as SDGMUN GLOBAL, is a three-day residential international MUN simulation for students, held annually in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. The beach in Cox’s Bazar is an unbroken 120 km (75 miles) long sandy sea beach with a gentle slope, the world’s longest sea beach. After hosting two successful conferences with the amalgamation of natural beauty SDGMUN Global 2019 was the third edition of our chain Model UN Conference. More than 150+ student was on board with us for three days enjoyed the flavor of diplomacy, international relations, United Nations policy, Assembly simulation sitting beside the shore of the magnanimous eye-catching seashore.

HYD MUN 2019

 After a grand success in the journey of revolutionizing the MUN scene of Bangladesh HYDMUN 2017, the hardworking team again unveiled the second edition of HYD’s signature Model UN conference HYDMUN 2019. This time our partnership was with none other than one of the reputed universities of Bangladesh-IUB (Independent University Bangladesh). More than 500+ students of different institutions participate in this signature MUN and showed their love of IR and power of diplomacy. there is already a very loud buzz in the MUN community of the country because of the overwhelming popularity of HYD as the organizers of the most exciting MUNs ever, and of course, the unprecedented success of HYDMUN 2017.

LORD MUN IV : 2020

HYD took the challenge of turning anime lovers into diplomats back to 2016. After accomplishing the challenge spontaneously three times we again unveiled the fourth edition of LORDMUN 2020. It’s a platform for an anime fan who thinks there are fewer practices of anime culture or events in our country. In LORDMUN IV, HYD allowing these fans to debate, discuss and solve issues of their favorite fictional world. From the Ministry of Magic to Marvel DC, A fight from fiction to reality. experienced the historic crisis to the veto owner UNSC. And standing into this platform,solving and discussing crisis anime fans witness the moment where fiction meets with reality.

HYD Online MUN 

As an immediate response to massive school closures resulting challenge for the student’s mental health as well as to contribute in this fight by fundraising for charities working for frontline health staff around the world. For the first time, We are introducing a complete web-based (online) Model United Nations Conference 

HYD Online MUN 2020

More than 120 delegates from three countries participate in this conference. First-time HYD introduces an online base conference by this MUN. The level of academics and debate was very high at that conference.

HYD Online MUN Nepal 

More than 300 delegates from seven countries participate in this conference. Executive Board members from eight countries also join in this conference. This time conference gets more diversity and a global version.

HYD Online MUN India 

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