LORD MUN IV Event Lunch

House of Youth Dialogue

LORD MUN IV Event Lunch

If you’re an anime fan and you think there are fewer practices of anime culture or events in our country. In LORDMUN IV, we are allowing you to debate, discuss and solve issues of your favorite fictional world. From the Ministry of Magic to Marvel DC, A fight from fiction to reality. experienced the historic crisis to the veto owner UNSC. All are happening here …

Be a part of this historic event by being a part of LORDMUN IV.

Campus Superhero Form: https://forms.gle/mWzpRWNHm6JcmuSW6
Application Deadline: 15, January 2020

Delegate Registration Link: https://forms.gle/9q8Paw7kVwLhwMqw5
Regular Registration Deadline: 31 January 2020
Regular Delegate Fee: 3000 BDT or 125 Dollar

EMAIL : info@hydglobal.org
Mob: 01917048809

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