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Covid-19 has announced pandemic by WHO and till today it took control over 190 countries all over the world A large number of frontliners like health workers (doctor, nurse, paramedic, care worker, etc. as well as a large number of poor people around the world do not have access to food and necessary safety protection.Thus, we should be contributing financially to some charities in India , those who are working to support them by our fundraising using the event registration fee collected from HYD ONLINE MUN INDIA 2020.

In this crucial time, over 2 Billion means 200 million children and youth (roughly more than half of the world’s student population) are staying away from schools and universities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.The adverse impacts of school closures are difficult to overstate and many of them extend beyond the education sector. many children and youth are missing out on the social contact that is essential to learn, develop and bring a large impact on their mental health.

As an immediate response to massive school closures resulting challenge for the student’s mental health as well as to contribute in this fight by fundraising for charities working for frontline health staff around the world. For the first time, We are introducing a complete web-based (online) Model United Nations Conference for India.

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• Student or recently graduate
• Minimum standard level 6
• The language applicable in the conference is English
• Have to be available all the committee session of the conference for four days.

Registration Fee:
For the first time in our history, we introduce registration fee for all
(delegate, organizer and Executive Board member )
Delegate: £5 / $8 / 600 Indian Rupee
Executive Board : £10/ $16 / 1200 Indian Rupee
(you can pay any amount if you want to add extra and support this fight against COVID-19)

All the fee collected, will be donated to Indian local NGOs, and other social youth organizations who will be working in India to combat covid-19 aftermath in lockdown scenario for “A Better Covid-19 Free India”

International Delegate Registration link:

Indian Delegate Registration link :

Campus Ambassador Registration Link:

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